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Transforming a Gaming Industry Business for Exponential Growth

Client Overview:

Our client, a prominent player in the gaming industry, sought strategic financial guidance to elevate their business to new heights. As a provider of cutting-edge gaming experiences, they aimed to maximise company valuation and identify additional revenue streams for sustainable growth.
Gaming Industry


  • 6X increase in company’s valuation
  • 3 additional revenue streams identified
  • SGD $5 Million fund raised successfully

Primary Goals and Objectives

  • Increase company valuation

  • Identify additional revenue and growth opportunities.

  • Collaborate with existing and potential investors for strategic partnerships.

  • Support in fund raising, enhancing financial models, due diligence, and fundraising materials.

Key Achievements

Valuation Increase: Through a thorough analysis, our strategic CFO identified and implemented opportunities that led to a remarkable 6X increase in the company’s valuation.

Diversified Revenue Streams: Recognizing the need for scalability, we identified and recommended 2-3 additional revenue and growth avenues, expanding the business beyond its current offerings.

Investor Collaboration: Working closely with existing and potential investors, our team fostered collaborative relationships, aligning investor interests with the company’s strategic objectives.

Successful Fundraising: Our support in fundraising proved pivotal, enhancing materials like financial models and due diligence documents. This not only attracted more interest but also facilitated a successful fundraising effort.

Client Challenges

  • Limited avenues for revenue growth.

  • Valuation not reflective of the company’s true potential.

  • Difficulty in attracting and engaging investors effectively. 

Identifying Opportunites

  • Analysing market trends to uncover new revenue streams.

  • Conducting a comprehensive valuation assessment.

  • Strategising investor engagement and partnership possibilities.

Growwth's Role

Growwth played a pivotal role by:

Strategic Valuation Analysis: Conducting an in-depth evaluation to identify and leverage opportunities for a substantial increase in company valuation.

Diversification Strategies: Collaborating closely with the internal team to pinpoint and capitalize on 2-3 additional revenue and growth opportunities, ensuring scalability.

Investor Relationship Management: Serving as a liaison between the company and investors, fostering collaboration and alignment of goals for mutual success.

Fundraising Support: Offering expertise in fundraising efforts, refining financial models, due diligence documents, and other materials to present a compelling case to potential investors.

Key Takeaways

The sustainable growth achieved can be attributed to:

Strategic Financial Planning: Implementing a comprehensive plan that not only increased valuation but also set the stage for continued growth.

Diversification for Scalability: Identifying and capitalizing on additional revenue streams, ensuring the business remains adaptable and scalable.

Investor Collaboration: Establishing strong relationships with investors, creating a foundation for ongoing support and strategic partnerships.

Ongoing Strategies:

Post-engagement, the client continues to thrive by:
Continuous Market Analysis:
Remaining vigilant to market trends, identifying new opportunities for growth.

Dynamic Financial Planning: Adapting financial strategies to evolving market conditions and investor expectations.

Investor Engagement: Maintaining proactive communication with investors, ensuring a collaborative approach to future initiatives.

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